The Healing Power of Nature/
The Vis Medicatrix Naturae

The healing power of nature is in all living things. It’s an inherent wisdom that always strives for balance. It’s more than the healing response to relaxing in nature’s beauty or the use of medicinal plants. It’s what guides the process of healing. When you get a paper cut your body knows exactly how to respond to heal the tissue. Your body adapts to the cut with signals of pain, slight redness/inflammation as the immune system responds to a minor trauma and without any conscious effort, the tissue heals itself. That is the healing power of nature.

When you get sick to the point that your body creates long term symptoms/chronic illness, its an indication that your body is over-burdened and its self-regulating systems are impaired. Your body is so wise that the symptoms of disease are your body’s attempt at communicating that something is wrong. Your body can become overburdened by infections, nutritional deficiencies, structural misalignment or from some form of toxicity. Whether it’s one thing or a combination of these, your body will create symptoms as an adaptation to the toxicity or deficiency, telling us something is impairing its ability to self regulate.

As a Naturopathic doctor my goal is to determine what is interfering with this innate ability and then help you correct it. Treatments are geared toward facilitating that inherent wisdom that knows how to correct itself in the right conditions. If you remove what is toxic to your body and you replenish what your body needs, your innate ability to restore balance will return. The Healing Power of Nature is about the wisdom in all of our bodies that strives for health. Naturopathic medicine teaches us how to listen and how to honor that wisdom.