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Become a Patient

Experience Personalized Health Restoration with Dr. Aviva Wertkin

If you’re looking for personalized care from Dr. Aviva, we encourage you to apply for a Health Restoration Program. Take control of your well-being; reverse chronic diseases or any health concerns with a transformative health restoration program.

What can you expect from our Health Restoration Programs?

An All-Inclusive Individualized Healthcare Package!
  1. All-Natural Treatments: Dr. Aviva will design a
    personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. Treatments encompass a wide range, including but not limited to diet/nutrition, homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies, and natural supplements. All the medicine you need would be included in your program.
  2. Functional Bio-Medical Testing: Receive all the lab
    assessments needed for a thorough understanding of your health.
  3. Comprehensive Appointments: Benefit from extensive consultations with Dr. Aviva, either in person or through remote sessions. Please note that all initial appointments must be conducted in person.
  4. Direct Email Correspondence: Stay connected with Dr. Aviva between appointments, ensuring personalized support and guidance whenever it’s needed.
  5. Additional Therapies: Depending on the program, you may also gain access to supplementary therapies offered by other skilled practitioners.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Aviva will evaluate your specific circumstances and determine the most suitable program to efficiently meet your health goals.

Invest in Your Health

Take charge of your well-being with our Health Restoration Programs, starting at $8,000 and increasing based on the specific needs required for your recovery. These programs have been meticulously designed for individuals who are genuinely committed to their healing journey, seeking professional medical guidance and compassionate support to achieve their goals.

Please note that our programs are specifically intended for individuals ready to embark on a transformative path, rather than those seeking temporary relief or symptom management. We are dedicated to serving individuals who are willing to make a genuine investment in themselves and embrace a life of improved health and happiness.

Take the first step towards a healthier, happier life by investing in yourself.

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Become a Patient

Become a Patient

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