Success Stories & Testimonials

Be inspired by the profound stories of a few people who have shared their experience of Dr Aviva’s holistic healthcare. 

"How do you put into words when someone has given you your life back? When I first walked into Dr. Aviva's office (which was difficult in itself, as I was barely able to walk) I was defined and debilitated by chronic illness. I thought the best I could hope for would be better management of my symptoms. But Dr. Aviva is a uniquely gifted healer of the body, spirit and soul. Just a few short months later, I already feel better than I ever thought I could, and am on a multi-level road to recovery that is paved with more strength, confidence, health, and hope than I could ever have imagined."

“I asked Dr Aviva if she could help me with my insomnia and chronic fatigue. Just like with my digestive concerns, I had tried every medication possible and still barely slept and also felt painfully exhausted. When the prescriptions hadn’t worked for me, the doctors labeled me with anxiety and depression and tried several different psychiatric medications as well. I told them I wasn’t depressed or anxious, but they didn’t believe me. When I brought these concerns to Dr Aviva she listened and guess what? She delivered again!! It took a little time to determine the right combination to correct both of these problems, but she did it! She had me do testing to evaluate for things no other doctor had mentioned before and she figured out what was causing those problems. And what she recommended really worked! I highly recommend Dr Aviva and her naturopathic approach. Dr Aviva’s diligence to her work has truly been life changing for me."

"I wish I had the words to adequately convey how much it means to me to participate in Dr. Aviva's program. I have been given total support in the form of supplements tailored to my needs, referrals to additional healers appropriate for me, and personal communications with Dr. Aviva to heal all aspects of my being. What astounds me the most is that I had no idea of the depth to which I could be, and should be healed. Having found Dr. Aviva is one of the greatest gifts I have received and I am honored to have her on my healing journey."

Success Stories & Testimonials
Bonnie Ellis
Dr Aviva Wertkin saved my life. I feel very sure that without her help I would have died. My husband me her at just the right time and she was willing to take on my care and I can enjoy life today! Love her!
Diana L.
Colorado is blessed to have Dr. Wertkin… when we were lucky enough to have her in New England I found her 7 or so years ago. She helped me to completely change the trajectory of my health. She is so competent, so knowledgeable and full of integrity, and so caring. She really takes her time to get to know you and follow all the threads that may lead to some healing. She weaves the physical, spiritual, psychological and mental in such a beautiful way. I am able to function in the world again, and learned so much about true health. Thank you!
Daniela Fine
Dr. Aviva's care has been a true blessing to our family. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for her attentiveness and dedication to delivering outstanding, individualized care to my daughter and I. Before seeing her I felt hopeless and exhausted from dealing with an array of chronic issues. When my daughter was born our family began seeing Dr. Aviva. I wanted to give my child the best possible start to a healthy life and after our first visit together I was confident Dr. Aviva was the right person to help me do that. She made me feel heard and understood while providing reassurance and hope. I always left her office feeling encouraged, optimistic and excited about new steps on my journey to optimal health. She helped me see this journey as a beautiful process, not an overwhelming or impossible task. Through our time together she gave me the tools and knowledge to make well informed decisions about my family's health, which is an invaluable gift I will carry with me for the rest of my life.
Faith Fuerst
I have been a patient of Dr. Wertkin for more than 2 decades and I know I am receiving excellent care. I feel good! She truly listens and asks pertinent questions. Her knowledge is so well rounded and she stays up to date in understanding both the ND and the MD worlds. I will always value being her patient!!
Daniel Buitron
Dr. Aviva has been instrumental in my understanding of how the body naturally heals. How to think about health at a spiritual, emotional and physical level. She cares so deeply about her patients, including me and my daughter. If you're in search of a holistic healer and are ready for results, I highly recommend Dr. Aviva.

“The physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed”Samuel Hahnemann

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Success Stories & Testimonials
Success Stories & Testimonials
Success Stories & Testimonials
Success Stories & Testimonials